JF-17 Thunders to be at the Paris Airshow!

Two JF-17s will be participating in Paris air show this year. One will be on static display while the other one for the flight display.

Russian Su-30 will be on the static and air display, F-16C and F-15E from USAF will also be there. F-35 may or may not make an appearance.Rafale will obviously be showcasing its strong points on the home turf.

Notable no-shows come from JAS-39 Gripen and F-18 Super Hornet.

Other aircrafts are going to be M-346 advanced jet trainer, C-27 J tactical transport, C-17, C-130J, Airbus Ml 400m, PC-21, AT802 and Tiger Attack Helicopter.


Similar information had been circulating on a Pakistani defense community few weeks earlier.

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