JF-17 Radar detection ranges for F-16 and F-22

Following image implies detection range of F-22 and F-16 by JF-17's radar.  The image has been making rounds of internet and various Chinese websites.

JF-17 F-22 F-16 detection range


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JF-17 with an unknown Pod

JF-17 Thunder was spotted with an unknown Pod. There are no details available yet. This could be a targetting pod, ECM or even an IRST pod. During the flight, the JF-17 was being used as a chase-plane for China's 5th generation stealth aircraft J-20, so it might just have been a camera.


JF-17 with IRST Pod

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Two-Seater JF-17 under development

AVIC and PAC are working on a two-seat version of JF-17 Thunder. The two-seat version will be used for conversion training and can also be adapted for combat roles. The development is not at the stage where the deliveries can be made.  

The single seat version was designed in such a way that a two-seat version could later be adapted. 

JF-17 Twin Seater


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Serb Airforce to consider JF-17 Thunder

Serbian air force wants to buy a dozen aircrafts with allocated budget of $ 1.3 billion. A defence official said "We would ideally need between 12 and 16 new planes to secure our air space"
Serbian air force commander Brigadier General Ranko Zivak mentioned that foriegn manufacturers would be invited next year to make offers. 
Defence officials mentioned that they would be evaluating JF-17 Thunder, Su-30, F-16,F-18, Rafale, Gripen and Eurofighter.
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Indian Navy Promotes JF-17 Thunder

JF-17 Thunder was part of India's Navy Day commemoration.  The fighter aircraft was seen on top of the special publication on the occasion. So far there has been no official response from Indian Navy.

Nonetheless, we thank Indian Navy for including JF-17 thunder.


JF-17 Indian Navy

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